Adequate Stocks and Faster delivery,As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality products, we maintain substantial stocks of various auto sensors. With our comprehensive inventory, we can swiftly fulfill orders and meet the demands of our clients. This abundance of stock enables us to reduce lead times significantly, providing faster delivery times and minimizing any potential delays. Our dedication to having an ample supply of auto sensors underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and reinforces our position as a reliable and dependable supplier in the industry.

Customer's Satisfaction is Our Top Priority
  • Quality

    In our products, procedures and services
    provided to our customers and consumers.
  • Services

    Knowledge of our clients in order to guarantee
    their satisfaction.
  • Future

    Growth, innovation and expansion based on
    the quality that characterizes us.

We are partners of OE manufacturers; we support them all the way from the design stages through supply, creating highly reliable and customized products, within the given timeframe. We are able to provide our experience, careful advice and extensive production flexibility.

The Lean methodology, introduced in the Company since several years and rigorously applied to the production phase, has fully become part of its culture. It has been implemented in order to avoid waste, minimize stocks and optimize efficiency and productivity. This method had very positive repercussions even in the initial design phase, reducing its development times, always respecting the required performance, and, therefore, the cost-effectiveness of the entire project.

This multifunctional and structured development’s approach is progressively leading the Company towards a careful reduction and removal of useless phases and activities of the production process and of all those elements which, in the fulfillment of an order, are not relevant neither for the customer, nor for the Company business.

Each  product is subjected to a strict procedure of checks to guarantee high quality standards and lasting reliability.

- Destructive testing
- Dimensional tests
- Structural testing
- Dynamic tests


Our customers sit at the core of our business model and all our processes revolve around the needs and demands of our customers, ensuring high-quality customer servicing. The Research & Development team and Quality division set up by ANT is to focus efforts in the direction of Applied Research, which is aimed at

facilitation of improvement of the current product line
improvement of operating procedures and
development of future products
The R&D helps the organization align itself proactively to the ever-changing market dynamics, customer preferences, and technological advances.

The warehouse management system can better set the minimum range, and a large amount of inventory can meet customer needs.
Actively understand market demand, improve and expand product SKU, and meet customer needs.
Matching a large number of sales staff can help you better communicate with customers, quickly understand customer needs and deliver goods.